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"We believe that technology can solve many of our current problems in the area" ... DIX Team

Technology enlighten the crowd.

We exist to improve education experience in the Middle East and to invent new ways for students to adore their studding process and turns the educational process to a passion. We provide online services for them to share their new passion with their friends and become their first concern. Our concept is to leverage schools and educational institutes to be in the best shape process-wise first then providing educational social network for students, teachers, employees and administration.

About DIX Team

  • Ahmed Ezz El-Din

    Ahmed Ezz El-Din, Founder & CEO

    the Director of the stuff; has several years of experience in software engineering and solutions architecture. After leaving his last full-time job, he decided to create his own software firm with vision to create simple yet powerful services, applications and solutions.

  • Monwa Mohsin

    Monwa Mohsin, Operations & Customer Care

    Monwa graduated 2011 as a biomedical engineer! However, she found her passion in tech industry here @DIX. She holds many responsibilities and missions vary from customer care, sales, operations and amazing data digging. She also interested in web design and development.

  • Amir Helmy

    Amir helmy, Technical Support & Designer

    Amir graduated from Information systems in 2012, he is supporting out clients now and design their websites. He is just awesome.

Our Products

  • SevenAM Logo

    SevenAM Schools Management Studio

    SevenAM™ is a robust & complete solution for schools & Education Institutes management with branches support.

    The product makes it easy to manage all aspects of the education organization starting including students affairs, clients (Parents & beneficiaries), suppliers, education fees & expenses, School Store, employees, Buses, Exams & Results, Accounts & Income Status ...etc

    The solution is user friendly, perfect for any schools size, highly customizable and stable.

    Features List:

    > School and branches data management, logo, website, Facebook page, contacts … etc.

    > Students Affairs Management including classes assignments, buses assignments, results, fees tracking and management, classes lists, attendance, medical history and daily statuses

    > Customers Management including fees reporting for each.

    > Education / buses Fees Registration and tracking for each student and parents.

    > Employees Affairs Management Module – insurance - Salaries sheets, deductions and incentives management.

    > Store Management - Store Items declaration / tree structure - Invoices - Supplies tracking and registration.

    > Accounting Module - Total seasonally accounting status - Income Revenues - Outcome Expenses.

    > Suppliers Management - Suppliers payments.

    > Buses Management - path tracking and definitions - student to bus relations - buses expenses and direct revenues.

    > Exams Management Module - Exams creation/Registration - results registration & tracking - archiving exams and solutions sheets soft copies - ability to link the results to the school web portal later.

    > Multiple Users & profiles. Each user has customized privileges.

    > Full Security & User actions log.

    > Full dynamic-attached reports & statistical sheets for each solution entity. Ability to export all reports to excel / PDF / Word formats.

    > Solutions made based on the latest Microsoft technologies & SQL Server 2008-2012 Database

    > Archiving all student photos / education certificates / employees ID copy / parents ID copy / Student Birth Certificates ... etc., Easy to review & get it back when needed.

    > Multiple School Branches Support.

    > Dynamic Support for all education levels and years - Seasons.

    > Ability to modify solutions modules & reports upon school request to suite school operations.

    > Barcode for each student / employee with ability to print it on ID cards. Attendance tracking via scanners at school entrance.

    > Archiving the incoming invoices as long with their entries.

    The system is working currently in schools since 2011 with ease and full quality/support.

  • YallaNzaker


    YallaNzaker is the first educational social network in Egypt/middle-east to help students, parents, teachers and admins of any “educational institute” keep connected and socialize with each other, which benefits all process stakeholders and closing the many gaps in our educational system (education resistance, overhead, missing of information, lacking for students online adoption Technics, routine, back-end incompatibility with front-end education services, lacking for reviews on schools/colleges.

    Yallanzaker.com aims to leverage the education process in all its aspects so we directed to invent new ways for students to adore their studying time, become more social with their consorts and employment their usage of technology.

    As for the teachers that is the bedrock of any type of education process, we will improve their skills of using computers and internet in educating their students to saving their effort and time and to urges them to innovate in their field. As they can compose homework for students; check them online and they also can replay any questions or complain from student or parents online.

    According to administrators, we also aiming to improve their skills and saving their time and effort by solving any complain with the parent online without the need to bring the parent to school to discuss any issues related to the student as their education level or behavior or fees that issues can solve online and saving time for both sides.

    As our content, include

    •Directory of schools

    •Crowd user’s contents as likes, comments and reviews to add some fun.

    •Linked content as videos of curricula explanation from other providers

  • SendlySMS.com


    SendlySMS.com is a short messaging platform providing 1way and 2 way business SMS as easy as it gets.

    SendlySMS is easier than anything else for sending SMS, it’s even easier than your phone. Just sign up for your account and add credits then enjoy the service with no monthly fees or any other strings attached.

    Send Offers, Invitations, Announcements...etc.

    Use your business name as sender ID for better branding.

    Create and manage your groups/contacts.

    Easy to use, Free account, Simple pricing, Credit never expires.

  • Manate2.com


    Manate2.com is a location service of Egypt, It allows a tool for all Egyptian-based software/solutions producers to enhance their products with nested, indexed and detailed locations. E-Government solutions can use these locations to build their data upon instead of recollecting it from scratch or deformalize it into Governate/Centers. Mobile games makers who are targeting Egyptian customers can obtain more reach and strong social/groups playing via our location service. Mobile services manufacturers can build their data structure based on the locations we are providing here.

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